About Us

Company Overview

Suzuki Latex USA began providing North America with the YoYo Balloon in 1990. The first offices were located in
Yorba Linda, CA, about 9 miles from Disneyland. Since the early 1990's the popularity for the YoYo Balloon has
increased, and we are excited to be currently shipping our products all over the world. Our sales office and
warehouse handle all shipments of finger cots YoYo Balloons, Peacock Balloons, and other fun, balloon novelties,
both domestic and worldwide.

We serve the Electronics and Clean room industry with our finger cots. Our superior quality meets the requirements
needed to provide protection, durability, and comfort for the user. WE ARE CURRENTLY THE ONLY MANUFACTURER

Company Background

Found in 1920, Suzuki Latex has been manufacturing latex products 100 years and three generations. The main plant
began and is still operating in Japan. Their main product is the YoYo Balloons and Nitrile Finger Cots. In 1986 the plant
in Malaysia was established to take over production of the finger cots and Peacock Balloon, a beautiful, hand dipped,
18" Balloon. The World Technical Rubber Products Sdn Bhd is now supplying over 50 % of the Japanese work force
with their finger cots. Major effort is being made to supply these quality cots to the American market as well as the
Asian market.

Our Mission

The primary goal of the Suzuki Latex USA company is to provide quality products for the American and Worldwide
markets. We are represented at the Toy Show in Hong Kong and the toy and trade shows in the continental USA.
The excellent workmanship of our products will bring our customers back to us time and time again.

Affiliated Companies

Suzuki Latex Industry Co., Ltd.

 - Head office in Japan

Suzuki Latex Industry Malaysia Sdn Bhd

 - Malaysian plant

Suzuki Latex Vietnam Co.,Ltd

 - Vietnam Plant