Fingercot Info

                                3 Types

Ultra Clean:

 Latex-free, powder-free, Chlorine-free & Sulfur-free. These finger cots are ABSOLUTELY CLEAN !                   
Please go to EDEL for more details.

Powder free:         

Chlorine-processed (chlorination) finger cots. Chlorine level is monitored and controlled for
consistent quality of powder-free cots to prevent excess chlorides.

Mech-Cleaned, Low-powdered:

Lightly-powdered cots. These finger cots are washed to reduce as much powder as possible.

                                3 Styles

Rolled finger cot with a finishied rim.

Unrolled finger cot with a finishied rim.

Unrolled finger cot, with the rim cut off for maximum comfort.

           How to wear cut or unroll fingercots

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